What is the Deeper Discipleship Initiative?

The Deeper Initiative is a 2-year discipleship initiative where we’re begging God to give us a deeper desire for himself and, as a result, see the ministry, multiplication, and mission of Mercy Hill Church go wider through us! We believe that how we go deep over the next 2 years will set the trajectory for the next 10-year, God-sized vision. God is calling us to go deeper in discipleship here in the Triad, multiply more campuses and churches through our new Home and Hub, and take advantage of new mission opportunities to see the gospel go wider than ever before!

The best is yet to come!

What God has done in and through our church is amazing. In just 10 years of ministry, we’ve grown from 30 to 3,000, baptized 1,674 people, and sent 178 adults to the mission field long-term. God has blessed us immensely, church! The danger for us now is that we could become satisfied with the blessings of God rather than with God Himself.

In the fall of 2022, our church started a discipleship journey called Deeper. We wanted to lay the foundation for the next season of ministry as a church by asking ourselves, “Is God the deepest desire of your heart?”

In the Deeper Initiative, we have two primary goals. First, we want everyone who calls Mercy Hill home to wrestle deeply with the question, “Is God the deepest desire of your heart?” We hope that in answering “yes,” we will give out of an overflow of love in our hearts. Our first goal then is to have 100% participation in the Deeper Initiative from everyone at Mercy Hill. As of now, we’ve had 786 households commit!

Our second goal is to raise 30 million dollars for mission advancement over 2 years. This money will be used to fund our ongoing ministries, build a new Home and Hub, and start new ministries. At the start of the Deeper Initiative, our church stepped up in a huge way! We ended up with 32 million dollars in commitments and expected giving. Praise God!

As we approach the midpoint in this journey, I want to call upon our church to recommit. For some, that will mean jumping in for the first time. For others, it will mean finishing strong. Still, for others, it will mean going deeper in generosity to reflect what God is doing in our hearts. Are you ready to allow God to move in your heart, whatever that means? I hope so, church. As Psalm 1 tells us, when our roots go deep in God, the fruit goes wide in our lives. When God is first in our hearts, it will show up in our hands. Let’s get ready for what God is going to do in and through us next. The best is yet to come!

Pastor Andrew and Anna Hopper,

He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.

– Psalm 1:3


100% Engagement With Our Hearts & Hands


Is God your deepest desire? We are praying that every person at Mercy Hill will deepen their relationship with Jesus in this season and make him their deepest desire. As Psalm 42:1-2 says, we want our souls to thirst after God himself.




Does the way we live our life reflect God as our deepest desire? When God becomes the deepest desire of our hearts, he opens our hands for a life of generosity and mission! This is why we are praying that every person that calls Mercy Hill home will engage with the Deeper Initiative by opening our hands in generosity and going deeper into our commitment to the mission.


Mission Advancement Over 2 Years — $30M


$15 Million

Through a deeper investment in discipleship… our core mission of making disciples and multiplying churches happens through the Acts two flywheel: Gather, Groups, Give, and Go. In this season we want to make a deeper investment in our campuses, discipleship ministries, and ongoing church planting and mission efforts.

Deeper Multiplication

$10 Million

Through a new Home and Hub… Over the next two years, we will establish a new Home and Hub of Mercy Hill Church on 23 acres in a central location in the Triad. This Home and Hub will be a launching pad for church plants, new campuses, seminary students, new residents, as well as host our broadcast campus.


$5 Million

Through new mission opportunities… We plan to deepen our mission efforts like funding more short-term mission trips, scaling adoption and foster care ministry, planting more campuses through mergers, scaling our worship culture, residency scholarships, and a deeper comitment to give towards international missions.